Visiting a Loved One with Dementia


chapel brian morph

Many of us have an uneasy feeling about visiting our family or friends in a nursing home, especially if they are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. This initial discomfort usually stems from the fear that we will not know what to say or do in these situations. The good news is that it doesn’t take any special abilities to have a pleasant visit with those who are experiencing memory loss or confusion due to dementia. They are just like you and me in most respects–they love to have someone to talk to, they appreciate someone who will listen, they express their ideas and feelings in many ways beyond words, and they long to be loved and appreciated. Just like us, they enjoy a tasty snack, they sway with their favorite music, and they care deeply for friends and relatives. I hope you’ll join me in overcoming our apprehensions and spend some quality time with those we love. Click HERE for more on how to relate to those with dementia, whether you are a friend, a family member, or a visiting pastor.