Innovation or Tradition

Innovation or tradition – which one is best?

Some would quickly say that innovation is clearly better. In order to investigate that claim we need to know what innovation really means.

Here’s the Cambridge Dictionary’s definition: Innovation – a new idea or method, or the use of new ideas and methods

So if innovation is the use of new ideas and methods, who could be against that! Of course we all recognize that we can’t simply remain stuck doing things the same old way forever.

Fresh ideas and new ways of doing tasks bring many improvements and discoveries that would otherwise be lost. So, yes, obviously innovation has a lot to offer. Efficient automobiles, lightning fast internet connections, and abundant supplies of nutritious foods are all blessings of innovation and progress.

What about tradition? Is there any place for continuing to do some things that have been done before? Is the new way always better? There is great value in having some things continue that were started in the past, even some things that are centuries old.

Artwork and music from decades and centuries past still have beauty that we can appreciate. Family traditions give us a sense of belonging that many of us treasure. The beauty of nature is timeless, and preserving it for future generations demands that some lands are set aside and protected from changes.

When it comes to faith, we trust in a God who is unchanged by the latest fads or inventions. At the same time, the Bible tells us that His mercies are new every morning. God is both the Lord of the past and the Lord of the future.

Our relationship with God should contain a healthy mix of the old and the new. His Word never needs improving in its content, yet it must be translated into many more languages and taken to many new places. The truths remain the same, but the living out of those truths must be freshly applied each new day.

So do we need innovation or tradition? The answer is “Yes” to both! Let’s embrace change and fresh ideas that bring real improvements and blessings. Let’s also welcome the blessings of tradition that keep us grounded in timeless values. And let’s praise God who is Lord over all!