Gnarly Knots


“Gnarly Knots” is a one of a kind specialty sandwich shop in Winfield, Illinois, just west of Chicago. It has created one of the most unique and delicious sandwiches in the world. My son-in-law, Carter, has been raving about these special pretzel sandwiches for months, so when my wife and I came to Chicago to visit he took us to Gnarly Knots in Winfield.

We arrived 45 minutes early to be the first in line when they opened…yes, he likes them THAT much! It was a good strategy as the parking lot was full within a few minutes and we were at the front of a line of about 75 waiting customers. (Nobody gets lines like this unless they have outstanding food). It was worth the wait. Wow, are these stuffed pretzels delicious!! They easily rank among my top 3 sandwiches of all time, and I’ve had a lot of sandwiches in my 52 years.

So why write about pretzel sandwiches, you say? Well, it is a vivid reminder of how much our God loves creativity, uniqueness, and experiences of delight. Gnarly Knots are a perfect example of this truth.

You see, part of the reason why eating a Gnarly Knots sandwich is so good is due to the creativity of the owners who make different sandwiches every day, not just the same one over and over. The second reason it is so good is that it is unique among all the other sandwich shops. Maybe one day there will be hundreds of restaurants serving stuffed pretzel sandwiches, but for now it is unique and therefore it stands out among the competition.

The third reason it is so good is because the taste combination of the perfectly made fresh pretzel, and the delicious stuffing of the day (chicken, pork, veggies, cheese, sauce, etc.) make your taste buds leap with joy, and your tummy smile with delight.

God made each one of us this way. Fresh… New… Each person is a unique expression of God’s creativity. Each has a combination of personality, gifting, talent, physical features, and experiences that make us all one of a kind.

It gives God delight to make us this way, and we are delighted too by the wonderful variety of souls that have been made by Him. We are not all the same and that is a very good thing! We are combinations of the common, the varied, and the extremely rare. So let’s celebrate the differences, delight in the uniqueness, and find joy in getting to know each other as the special creations that have been designed, loved, and redeemed by our God! He made you as a “one of a kind” masterpiece – for His delight and our joy.

One family came up with “Gnarly Knots” and it has become a blessing to thousands. What unique gifts will you share with the world around you today? “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” 1 Peter 4:10