Drained or Charged?


It’s an everyday thing. My little friends depend on it. They become useless blocks of metal without it. When the power is present my phone can do truly amazing things. I can speak to it and it will answer my questions, provide maps and photos of my destination, calculate driving time including traffic, show me the latest movie trailers, and take dictation – all in a matter of seconds.

We need to charge our physical bodies with good nutrition, proper rest, and regular exercise. Our inner self, our spirit, needs to be plugged in daily as well. We cannot power our own spiritual life alone – we need strength from our manufacturer/maker… namely God.

He gently reminds us that He has all all the power, strength, and wisdom we need. We simply need to look to him and ask. Colossians 1:27 says, “Christ in you, the hope of glory!” He will give us a daily spiritual re-charge, but only if we will “plug in” to Him each day. . It’s as simple as meeting with God each day by prayer.