March Eden All Star/Sacred 6 Champion


We have an amazing team of dedicated workers here at Signature Chapel Hill. Some have been in our profession for over 20 years! Nelda Wade is one of those CNA’s that has dedicated her life to the call to provide compassionate care to our Elders.

We are pleased to announce that Nelda has been selected as Signature HealthCARE of Chapel Hill’s Eden All-Star/Sacred 6 Champion of Teamwork for the month of March 2018! She exemplifies the Eden principles of creating an Elder-centered community as she daily works to alleviate loneliness, helplessness, and boredom in our home.

Her nomination reads:

“It seems like Nelda is everywhere! There is never a moment when she does not desire to be of service. “No” just doesn’t seem to be in her vocabulary. Nelda is always honest, respectful, and a source of support and encouragement. A real team player!”

Thank you, Nelda! We appreciate the way you live the Sacred 6 and the Eden Principles as you serve Elders their home. Thank you!