February Eden All Star/Sacred 6 Champions


CNA’s bear the majority of the weight when it comes to providing care for the Elders at Chapel Hill. They are special people who embody our Sacred 6: Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Positivity, Patience, and Compassion. With so many great people to choose from it is difficult to select only one. So, we had to recognize two of our compassionate care partners, Stacy Campbell and Cynthia Perry, as our Eden All-Star/Sacred Six Champions of the month.

Stacy shows great compassion for both Elders and Stakeholders alike. It was an Elder that noted:
“Stacy is an angel! She is always pleasant, gives superb care, and is always smiling.”
Stacy’s compassion for her fellow stakeholders also stands out. With such a caring spirit she notices when those around her are struggling during their day and gives the lift they need to become encouraged again.

Cynthia excels in the area of Compassion. A recent occasion where she rendered much needed help to an Elder in need stands out:
“The Chaplain came to the assistance of an Elder who was heard calling out for assistance. Upon arriving at the location of the Elder, the Chaplain realized the situation was more than he could handle. The Chaplain called on the first CNA he could find, which was Cynthia. At that moment, Cynthia was just finishing assisting other Elders with dining and was pushing a cart full of trays to the kitchen. But when called upon, Cynthia quickly took the situation in hand and took the Elder to their room to receive care.”

All of our Stakeholders strive daily to deliver the best service and care. But for this month Cynthia and Stacy are among the brightest of our stars.