Congratulate our December Sacred 6 Champions


December’s Sacred Six Champion selections were so outstanding that we had to call it a tie! Congratulations to Jennifer Bush and Pat McKinerny, our Sacred 6 Positivity Champions for December. These two stakeholder leaders always exhibit the can-do attitude, goal-oriented focus, and contagious good mood that make them exemplars among our staff.

Jen is a part of our MDS team as well as an outstanding wound nurse. She was nominated for being:

“Willing to assist the nursing team in any way needed. She does this without any complaints. Jen has been witnessed offering companionship that eases loneliness and anxiety. She is never too busy to be present for our Elders.”

Pat is a Care Partner who is also a part of our rehabilitation team. She was nominated for her caring service above and beyond the call:

“After one of our Elders passed away, his friend did not have a way to take his belongings home. Not only did she help him pack his things but she also made two trips to get all of his things to his friend’s home.”

Jen and Pat uphold our Sacred 6 virtue of Positivity are known for finding the best in every person and circumstance. They are extremely valued as members of our Signature family.