The Power of Mercy

CH mercy 1

When I think of powerful things, many images come to mind–an F-35 fighter jet, Niagara Falls, a grizzly bear, a Navy Seal. God’s mercy was way off my radar. However, a recent article that I read has changed my perspective. The article quoted from a sermon by Charles Spurgeon over 100 years ago, yet it is as relevant today as it was then. Here’s what it said:

When your heart throbs and flutters, when your swollen limb seems as if it were laid on an anvil and beaten with red hot hammers, when the pain goes through you again and again until you cry out in agony, and when the tears unwillingly fall from your eyes, pray this prayer, “LORD, be merciful to me” (Psalm 41:4)

I have found that when medicine fails, or when sleep is chased away, or when pain becomes unbearable, it is good to appeal directly to God. I say, “Lord, I am your child. Will You allow Your child to be tortured with pain? Did You not say, ‘As a father pities his children, so the LORD pities those who fear Him’ (Psalm 103:13)? Therefore, Lord, be merciful to me.”

I can honestly assert that I have found immediate relief and remission of extreme pain in answer to a simple appeal to my Father. I know that many of you have had a similar experience.

When hurting with severe physical pain, you will find that quiet resignation, holy patience, and childlike submissiveness will enable you to pray, “LORD, be merciful to me.” This often brings better relief than anything that the most skilled physician can prescribe. Your are permitted and encouraged to act this way. When the rod falls heavy, look up into your Father’s face and say, “LORD, be merciful to me.”

Although we are not always healed or protected from pain, the power of mercy can transform your life too! When the pains and sufferings of life begin to stack up, cry out to God who is the King of Mercy.

Praying you find relief and healing in His presence,
Chaplain Brian